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Welcome to Andys Hillman Imp Web site.!

This site is all about Hillman Imps and their IMP engined derivatives, these include the Singer Chamois, the Californian, the Sunbeam Stiletto, The Sunbeam Imp Sport, the Hillman Husky and the Commer Imp van.


The Hillman Imp a small car with large, prominent passenger area, deep windscreen, large side and rear windows. Flat fronted body; high-set bumper with grille and side/direction lamps below. Fluted body sides; vertical paired tail-lamps. Squarish tail. Disc wheels have rounded hub-caps.

Data:  Number of cylinders 4. Cubic capacity 875 c.c. Compression ratio 10 1 (8 : 1) available. B.H.P. 39. Overall length II ft. 7 in. Overall width 5 ft. 1/4 in. Height 4 ft. 6 1/2 in. Turning circle 30 ft. 6 in. Wheel-base 6 ft. 10 in. Track 4 ft. 1 1/2 in. (front), 4 ft. 1/2 in. (rear). Fuel tank capacity 6 Imp. gals. Dry weight 1476 lb. (De Luxe), 1526 lb. (Super).


This site started off as a record of just my own Hillman Imps but has turned into a pictorial record of as many Imps as I can find, currently we have pictures of over 700 imps and Imp engined vehicles. Since the site started many people have sent in their pictures which I have gratefully included.   If you have any pictures that you would let me include please 

This Site is very Picture heavy
Hillman Imp Shows and Tribs Imps in Pictures

My Hiillman Imps

Shows and Trips Imps in Pictures My Hillman Imps

These pages show pictures ofImp Nationals events and trips that either I have been on or that I have been sent, including the Lands End to John O'Groats trip. Recently added pages.

Imp Ecosse


These pages are a collection of pictures of as many Imps as I can find, sorted by car type. Including The Rootes Imps 1963 - 1968, The Chrysler Imps 1968 - 1976, the Hillman Californian, The Singer Chamois in both saloon and Coupe versions, The Imp and Sunbeam Sports and the Sunbeam Stiletto, The Commer and Imp Vans, the Hillman Husky (the Imp estate) and the Imp engined cars Bond, Centaur, Clan, Davrian, Ginetta, and the Italian styled Zimp.

Thses pages are exactly that pictures and details of the Imps I own or have owned.

1963 Commer Van

1963 Singer Chamois Saloon

1969 Hillman Imp Deluxe

1969 Sunbeam Stiletto

Hillman Imp History Hillman Imp Technical Hillman Imp Miscellaneous
History Technical Miscellaneous
These pages include a brief history of the Hillman Imp including a time line and details and pictures of Linwood the original home of the Imp. This section is under production These pages are a real pot-poiri of Imp related things, including Hillman Imp Videos Links Pages, Pictures and details of Hillman Imp models Old Hillman Singer Sunbeam and Commer Adverts and Imps on the big and small screen

Thanks to all who have sent me pictures of their cars and shows they have attended, I will get them all loaded up, just a tad behind at present but please keep sending them we will use them all.

Many thanks.




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These pages are for special subjects and pictures / projects that people have sent me, many thanks.


Why a Hillman Imp?     Well If I had to explain

I really dont think you would understand  ;-)