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IMP National 1991 Award Winners

This National was held at


3rd - 4th AUGUST

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Rosemary Smith Perpetual Trophy

Awarded by Club president Rosemary Smith,

Judged from the winners of each class.


 RLR 816 E

Grahame Pearson

Hillman imp Super

Best Rootes Hillman



 WTG 950 G

Doug Davies

Hillman Californian

Best Singer



 ETK 328 D

R. Haley

Singer Chamois

Best Sunbeam



 RLO 226 H

Andrew Davies

Sunbeam Stiletto

Best Husky / Van



 OLY 550 E

Jeff Day

Hillman Husky

Best Imp Based  

 NDH 410 J

C. Taylor

Ginetta G15

Driving Skills (Ladies)  

 FYC 767 K

H. Marsh

Hillman Imp

Driving Skills (Gents)  

 MLT 145 D

Nick Lunn

Hillman Imp

Furthest Travelled Imp



 72294 M

Paulo D'Amico

Rome, Italy

Sunbeam Imp Sport

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