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The Imp Club 30th Birthday Run

Sunday 28th November was the 30th birthday of the Imp Club.

On a bitterly cold day (-7'c) we had a run from the Transport Museum in Coventry passed the site of the old Ryton Plant, Banbury, Chipping Norton, Burford and Letchlade to the Steam Museum in Swindon where the Imp Club was founded.

11 Imps and 2 moderns (ACO's ??) started off from Coventry and with others joining on route we had 36 Imps at Steam in Swindon. Sorry no pictures on the run Dom was biking.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see most of the cars that attended.  or click here

coventry start

James Spencer handing out the routes at Coventry.

coventry start 2
Frost still thick on the ground


Impers are hardy creatures

Outside the Site of the Ryton plant

Lined up outside Steam


Taken through a window so not the best quality



Dick lending a hand

Fran have you read the sign ?


Colin said.......

You may ask why is there a chamois on the cake rather than an Imp.... Well its the Imp Clubs 30th Birthday and the 30th anniversary is Pearl and we know ...... Pearls a Singer !!!!!!

Right ---- Graham and Colin Cutting the cake.

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