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Imps in Pics
Rootes Imps


  Hillman Imp Super

at Imp 60th Birthday weekend

at Alton National 2022

NRW 677 A

at Imp National 2019 Preston

at Imp National 2018 Prestwold

at Imp National 2017 Hole Park

at Wicked Welsh Weekend 2012, Pandy

at Going Dutch 2012, Barneveldsestraat

at the Imp Club 30th Birthday Run

at IMPTWENTYTEN, Bridgwater.   Second Place Best Rootes Imp.

at Impulse 09 Reading - Third Place

at Going Dutch 2009 Rotterdam

at IMP 08 Malton Yorkshire   :  2nd Place

at IMP 07 The Hop Farm kent

Best rootes Hillman Imp Second place IMP04 Letchworth

(c) Andy Smith 2023