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Imps in Pics

Commer Imp Van

The Commer Imp van in Mark I form has no fancy grille. It does have a nice dashboard. It is spartan and sturdy like a working car might be: only one swivelling quarter light, only one sun visor, no carpet, no temperature gauge, no cardboard in the front compartment, thick wheels, stronger bumpers, etc. The van isn't just a windowless estate, it was redesigned - one of the criteria being that it had to be tall enough to transport milkchurns. The body is extended over the engine bay which results in a high floor, which in turn necessitated a high roofline. The floor was flat and the rear loading door was top-hinged.
The commercial Imp was fitted with a low compression engine, but power only fell to 36bhp. It could run on the cheapest grade of fuel. The driveshafts were uprated and it got the new 6¼" clutch (which was developed with a van in mind).
In October 1968 when the van continued its existence as Hillman Imp van, rather than Commer Imp van, the Mark II designation was discontinued. It got a new dashboard layout with full width facia and round dials; new seat upholstery and different external trim.

Random Van Picture

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1 January 1965


31  December 1965

 CGL 358 C


 HUU 907 C


1 January 1966


31  December 1966

 GBC 662 D


 GRM 486 D


 KHN 664 D


 MYH 954 D


 TTF 823 D


1 January 1967


31  July 1967

 FTH 591 E


 FTK 617 E


 LXE 609 E


 PMK 55 E


 RGO 783 E


1 August 1967


31  July 1968

 APP 520 F


 TMT 267 F


1 August 1968


31  July 1969

 MRG 734 G


 RVP 93 G


 RVP 530 G


 WMT 726 G


1 August 1969


31  July 1970

 BLD 704 H


 TPY 72 H


 UOG 716 H


 WYV 552 H


1 August 1970


31  July 1971

 DWP 491 J


 VVP 972 J



 Frank sc




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