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  Sunbeam Stiletto

Rojer says I’ve owned the car since 1985 and it is my 3rd Stiletto and was subject to a comprehensive rebuild between 2007 and 2010 all the welding work was done by my good friend Simon Creasey to whom I shall always be eternally grateful.

at Imp National Perth 2023

at Alton National 2022

at IMP Ecosse 2022 Moretonhall

at WWW 2019 Langorse

at Full English 2019

at Imp National 2018 Prestwold

at Imp National 2017 Hole Park

at IMP Cymru Bangor 2011

at the Imp Club 30th Birthday Run

at IMPTWENTYTEN, Bridgwater

(c) Andy Smith 2022