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The Clan Crusader is a fibreglass monocoque sports two-seater, powered by the Rootes Imp Sport engine, with suspension and main running gear from the same manufacturer.

The Crusader was originally conceived by a group of Lotus engineers in the late '60s. Paul Haussauer formed the Clan Motor Company and developed a prototype vehicle with the assistance of Brian Luff. The styling for the Crusader was by John Frayling.

Initial production of the first few cars started in a nursery factory in Washington, Tyne-and-Wear. They were completed and registered by July 1971. A purpose built factory unit was leased, taking advantage of government grants designed to improve employment in the area.

By the official start of production, in September 1971, five cars a week were being produced. This continued despite the coal miners' strike the next winter, the knock on effect of which caused supply problems. This prevented, to some extent, the growth of production, the factory being capable of four times this throughput.

Approximately 350 cars were built by Clan Motor Company including 19 specifically for competiton use. Some at the beginning being sold in component form, i.e. bodyshell fully trimmed, all wiring, glass and piping fitted. (in the same way as Lotus Elans) to beat the 25% purchase tax. With the advent of VAT, component kits were dropped. In May 1972 the Crusader was successfully crash tested at M.I.R.A.

Production ceased in late 1973 due to the company's financial difficulties, even though sales were still good. Several finished and part-finished cars were sold after the company's closure.

Random Clan Picture

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1 August 1970


31  July 1971

 LUP 62 J


 OPT 438 J


 YDP 161 J


1 August 1971


31  July 1972

 EVK 14 K


 OWW 770 K


 RDH 675 K

 VAK 965 K

1 August 1972


31  July 1973

 AAK 677 L


 APT 87 L

 AUP 45 L

 DWF 588 L

 FBT 909 L



 GKE 563 L


 JCV 750 L


 JKK 994 L

 JPW 953 L


 MGF 107 L


 MHM 30 L


 NLU 12 L


 NYH 10 L


 NYL 7 L



 OAG 763 L


 TAB 599 L


 TLG 489 L


 ODM 920 L

Pete Richards


 UWR 330 L


 VVX 291 L

1st IMP04

Peter Thorne

1 August 1973


31  July 1974

 NVN 222 M

 ODD 101 M

 OGE 304 M


 OGD 465 M



 OWD 993 M

 RNX 901 M


 VTK 6 M


 XNP 811 M


1 August 1974


31  July 1975

 GET 420 N


 GHL 109 N


 HET 69 N

 HKU 756 N


 JOJ 490 N


 Q 133 CPF


 Q 320 OBP


 Q 672 YNT


 Q 737 NTM


 VFE 21



 11W 8701

 No 111


 No 46


 No 247




 TIJ 7144


 ZV 33772




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