Imps in Pictures

Dom and I have taken so many pictures of Hillman Imps over the last few years, this is a way of Showing them, currently I have over 700 Imps and Hillman Imp derivatives pictured, many a number of times. Can you find yours? Hillman Imps, in Basic, Deluxe Super and Caledonian forms; Singer Chamois, Coupe and Saloon; Sunbeam Stiletto; Hillman Californian; Hillman Imp Sport, Sunbeam Imp Sport, GT; also the Commer Imp Vans, Hillman Imp Vans and the Hillman Husky.

Click on the picture to see cars, they are sorted generally as the classes at the Nationals.

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Please Note this area is under creation so stuff may be wrong or in the wrong place or some details may be incorrect. If you find any errors or I don't have pictures of your Imp please email me with the details and I will gladly add them please click here >>>

Rootes Hillman Imp Chrysler Hillman Imp Hillman Californian
Rootes Imps Chrysler Imps Californian
Hillman Husky Singer Chamois Saloon Singer Chamois Coupe
Hillman Husky Chamois Saloon Chamois Coupe
Sunbeam Stiletto Sunbeam Imp Sport Commer Van
Sunbeam Stiletto Imp Sport Commer Van
Clan Ginetta G15 Other Hillman Imps
Clan Ginetta Others....


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