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Imps in Pics
Chrysler Imps


  Hillman Imp

at WWW 2019 Langorse

at IMP National 2019 Preston

at Imp National 2017 Hole Park

at Wicked Welsh Weekend 2012, Pandy

at IMP Cymru Bangor 2011

at Pembrey 2011

at the Imp Club 30th Birthday Run

at Pembrey and Pendine Weekend 2010

at IMPTWENTYTEN, Bridgwater.

at Impulse 09 Reading

Fran says...   "The car is a 1971 Mk 3 Basic, known as Imp y Celyn (or just Celyn) after a character in a book by Terry Pratchett [Soul Music, part of the Discworld serie]. I'm told that the colour is officially Tahiti Blue, but I haven't been able to verify that.
Celyn now lives in the Rhondda area of south Wales, but I bought her from a man in Maidstone, Kent."

at IMP 08 Malton Yorkshire

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