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Imps in Pics
Chrysler Imps


  Hillman Imp Deluxe

at Last Day with us 2020

at Gaydon 2014

at Bristol & Bath New Year Run 2013

at Wicked Welsh Weekend 2012, Pandy

at Imp National Cromford

at Coventry Area Chip Shop Run 2012

at Black country Museum 2012

at Going Dutch 2012, Barneveldsestraat

at Wheel Nuts 2012 Stroud

at Imp Ecosse 2012 Edinburgh

at WWW 2011 Pandy

at IMP Cymru Bangor 2011

Parked by Lyn Ogwen with trailer tent on route to Imp Cymru

Track Day at Anglesey

at Sherborne Castle 2011

at Powderham Show 2011

at Gloucester AC Cotswold Motor Museum Run 2011

at Castle Coombe Classic and Sports car Action Day

at Berkeley 2011

at Pembrey 2011

at Wheelnuts, St Roses, Stroud 2011

at Imp Ecosse 2011

at The Imp Club 30th Birthday Run

at The Restoration Show, Shepton, 2010

at The Dog Food Run 2010

at WWW 2010 Pandy

at Pembrey and Pendine Weekend 2010

at IMPTWENTYTEN, Bridgwater

at Tortworth Vintage Transport Show 2010

at Gloucester AC Summer run 2010

at Paul Armitage Memorial Run 2010

at Tredegar Classic Car Show June 2010

at Coventry Area chip shop run 2010

at St Roses Wheelnuts 2010

at Imp Ecosse 2010

at New years Day Run 2010

at Bristol and Swindons end of season run 2009

at WWW09 Pandy

at Tredegar House Vintage Rally 09

at Impulse 09 Reading

at Coventry Fish and Chip Run 2009

at Going Dutch 2009 Rotterham

at Wheelnuts 2009

at WWW08 Pandy

at IMP 07 The Hop Farm Kent

at Going Dutch 2007

at WWW06 Pandy

at IMP 06 Sterling Scotland

at Lands End John O'Groats run 2006

John O'Groats after completing the run

At the start of the Lands End 

at Tredegar Classic Car Show 2006

at Corf Castle IMP 05

at Letchworth IMP 04

at First day

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