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Commer & Hillman Imp Van

The Commer Imp van in Mark I form has no fancy grille. It does have a nice dashboard. It is spartan and sturdy like a working car might be: only one swivelling quarter light, only one sun visor, no carpet, no temperature gauge, no cardboard in the front compartment, thick wheels, stronger bumpers, etc. The van isn't just a windowless estate, it was redesigned - one of the criteria being that it had to be tall enough to transport milkchurns. The body is extended over the engine bay which results in a high floor, which in turn necessitated a high roofline. The floor was flat and the rear loading door was top-hinged.
The commercial Imp was fitted with a low compression engine, but power only fell to 36bhp. It could run on the cheapest grade of fuel. The driveshafts were uprated and it got the new 6ΒΌ" clutch (which was developed with a van in mind).
In October 1968 when the van continued its existence as Hillman Imp van, rather than Commer Imp van, the Mark II designation was discontinued. It got a new dashboard layout with full width facia and round dials; new seat upholstery and different external trim.

Random Van Picture

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1 January 1965


31  December 1965

 CGL 358 C


 GXD 925 C


 HUU 907 C


1 January 1966


31  December 1966

 EKY 264 D

 FNC 421 D

 GBC 662 D


 GLW 678 D



 GRM 486 D


 KHN 664 D


 MYH 954 D


 TTF 823 D



 KDU 231 D

 KDU 232 D

 KDU 233 D

 KDU 234 D

 KDU 235 D

 KDU 236 D

1 January 1967


31  July 1967

 FTH 591 E


 FTK 617 E


 LXE 609 E


 PMK 55 E


 RGO 783 E


 RPO 106 E

1 August 1967


31  July 1968

 APP 520 F


 TMT 267 F


 NAE 421 F

 NDV 39 F

 OGD 404 F


 ULB 294 F

1 August 1968


31  July 1969

 GPP 674 G


 LES 518 G


 MRG 734 G

 RVP 93 G



 RVP 530 G


 VLX 514 G


 VVB 913 G

 WMT 726 G

1 August 1969


31  July 1970

 ADA 53 H

 APB 229 H

 BLD 704 H


 TPY 72 H



 UOG 716 H


 WYV 552 H


 WNW 787 H

 SRD 239 H

1 August 1970


31  July 1971

 DWP 491 J


 SMW 653 J


 VVP 972 J


 Frank sc


 G 25355


 XF 69 59



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