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May 2005

Continuing loss of power and increasing clouds of oil from the breather pipe have finally resulted in the need for serious action.

Its amazing how things you used to do "just like that" now take ten times longer because you are so worried about getting it wrong and keep reading and re-checking everything, and still get it wrong.  This has resulted in a 2 part strategy this is phase 1 to replace the old standard 875 with this Imp Sport engine with 30 thou oversize pistons. Phase 2 will be the twin strombergs and a sport exhaust (also helps as I cant afford the sport exhaust at present).


any anesthetic required the old 875 awaiting removal

Oily fan or what ?


old supermarket trolley base kept by my dad for 30 years

had to refit panels at rear of exhaust box

Rotoflex couplings look good some good news at least

Re fit clutch to new engine

and re install in car

The new sport engine installed with the old Solex carburetor and standard exhaust