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Recent Work

Fitted front opening lock and Sunbeam sport badges and trim new number plates front and rear May 2010
Fitted Alterantor and rear 12V sockets and wired in relays and fuses for heated rear screen heater May 2010
Fitted Tow bar with electrics and uprated flasher unit May 2010
Fitted new competition Rotoflex couplings 24th July 2010
Flushed out old Red Anti freeze and replaced with Blue, installed a valve in the bypass line to improve the circulation through the heater matrix in winter and an air vent in the front to ease bleeding of the heater 19th June 2010
Dash wiring replaced new fuse box fitted and new radio installed 11th April 2010
New lower rear quarters, front off side wheel arch and drivers door lower hinge support and rear near side wheel arch all welded in 27th March 2010
Painted grille with St Georges flag 1st August 2009
Body work mods to wheel arches and doors and painting 7th June 2009
Replaced Exhaust with one from Stiletto repaired , repaired , repaired , repaired , repaired , repaired , 29th May 2009
Replaced 45D inductive pick up after failing in Holland  
Fitted new 45D distributer with electronic points and new Coil and re timed. 16th May 2009
Wheels Balanced ATS Stroud 16th May 2009
Removed and completely stripped down Stromberg carbs and replaced most working parts with new. Great Improvement especially as its not dripping petrol on the exhaust any more ;-) 10th May 2009
New paint scheme to roof and touching up the bonnet. 25th April 2009
Replaced coil this cured the problem of misfire after running over 30mins 10th March 2009
Head Gasket re torqued  
Front offside shock absorber refitted  
Tightened up U clamp on steering column  
Clutch thrust bearing and spigot bearing replaced  
Head gasket replaced  
Ran in wiring for spot lamps and rev counter  
Replaced steering column top bush  
New starter moter  
New water pump  

Front quarter light replaced

Both front window opening mechanisms repaired

Replacement rear hatch stays

Drivers seat replaced

Cigarette lighter added

New CD radio

Hands free phone

Replacement speedo head unit

New speedo cable

New internal panels front and rear both sides

Replacement steering wheel


Replacement Engine compartment

Replacement bonnet

New sills (both sides)

External and internal rust removal (ongoing) currently primer only finish.

New wing mirrors


New water pump

New Starter Motor plus re wiring

New front shock absorbers

Lowered front Monte Carlo Springs

New heater hoses

New Starter Motor

New fuel cap

New Bumpers front and rear