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May 2011 Alternator Conversion

Dynamo converted to Alternator must pay tribute to the guide on the Imp Club site that takes you through this in a really clear way

Still working after 42 years of service but we need more power for HRW and Halogen Lamps etc so the dynamo has to go

Dynamo removed and bracket swapped

Lining up the pulleys

Adding the cable sleeving

Wiring up the electrics and no good it needed the Ignition warning light to be working and on cjhecking there was no bulb even fitted.

Voilla bulb in alternator works

All connected up

Now we have the power wired up the HRW and fitted 2 12V sockets in the back

All neatly stowed away

But make sure you tighten it up correctly and dont let it come loose (this happend to us coming back fro Pembrey)