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Imps in Pics


  Hillman Husky

at Full English 2024

at Going Dutch De Jerden, Sloten, May 23-27 2024

at Imp Ecosse Balloch 2024

at Evesham March 2024

at WWW 2023 Langorse

at Imp National Perth 2023

Second Place Best Husky

at Rootes Car Day 2023 Gaydon

at Hampton Ferry 2023

at Gloucestershire September 2021

at Alcester Car Show July 2019

at Full English 2019

at Coughton Ford

Hillman Husky Water Splash

at NEC Classic Car Show 2018

Hillman Husky NEC Classicv Sar Show 2018

at Bristol classic Car Show 2018

Hillman Husky Bristol Classic Car Show 2018

at Evesham 2018

Hillman Husky Evesham 2018

at Alcester 2018

Hillman Husky Alcester 2018

at Ragley Hall Classic Car Show May 2017

at Going Dutch 2016 7 Hills

at Evesham May 2916

at Gloucester and Warwickshire Railway June 2014

at Going Dutch 2014


at WWW Pandy 2013

at Gloucester and Warwickshire Railway Sept 2013

at Home

at M6 Services

On route home for the first time

at Dumfries

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