This Page is devoted to the The Lands End to John O'Groats run in aid of the South West Children's Hospice Big Babes Appeal.

Day 3 Tuesday 25th July 2006 Kings Stanley to York 225miles

Starting Mileage 47,211.6


After yesterdays problems it was an early start to check the car over, I bled and checked the water all seemed to be working ok there was water in the hater matrix as well. Checked the oil no more oil leaks. Before leaving I went up to say bye to Dom, he was so tired he could hardly lift his head off the pillow and without opening his eyes he said bye as was immediately back asleep.

We had arranged to meet at the bottom of Burford  Village and following the A419 to Cirencester then picked up one of my favorite driving roads the B4425 through Barnsley and Bibury this a great road with long sweeping bends and very little traffic great fun and no problems.

Arrived at Burford and parked up and soon saw the others coming down the hill, they had had an early start and had changed Richards' windscreen, also removed Colin's extra large petrol filter so hopefully no more vapour lock problems. This was Richards home patch and he took the lead it was going to be another hot hot day.

We took the A362 towards Banbury, Colin started off OK but soon began to have problems whenever he slowed down for islands and junctions he could not pick up the revs and it died changed the carburetor jets and this did not cure the problem. Richard had headed off to Richards garage to try and sort out a possible problem with the timing chain tensioner.

It was quite a problem following Colin into junctions as you never knew if he was going to stop or not. We carried on picking up the B4036 to Market Harborough for a planned lunch stop but Bob was having problems with the heat and propped the bed of his pick up up to increase the air flow and then we had the phone call that Bob had boiled so we sent Colin on to wait in the next layby and headed back. Yes it was hot but this was a case of operator error Bob has an electric cooler fan and after the last stop he had forgotten to switch it back on. We picked up Colin and set of for lunch at Market Harborough.

Stocking up on bottled water and cans of pop I got a phone call from Robert he was a a carpark opposite kwik fit but was also suffering with the heat so we grabbed a drink and then set off to find him. All re united we  set off towards Melton Mobray. Richard still had the knocking noise but it was not proving a problem.

Another stop for Bob to cool down even with the fan on he was still struggling he dropped the tailgate and drove on like this it certainly improved the coolong but you could not see the number plate so not ideal, Colin and Richard carried on we soon caught them up in a layby outside Melton Mobray they waved us on and the four of us set off.

That sounded good but Colin had major problems and despite Richards best efforts had to call out the RAC. With nothing else he could do Richard set off to York it would already be late when he arrived, if it could not be fixed the plan was to get it towed up to colin Valentines in York and meet up with the rest of us there.

Its always a bit of a concern when you have to call the AA or RAC out to a classic will they know anything about these old cars. When a young lad arrived Colin feared the worst but first impressions can be deceiving and this guy was into classics having done the Italian Job 4 times. A replacement coil appeared to have done the job but as soon as it got warm the problems started again after a lot of work they found the rotor arm was breaking down passing half a volt back on to the coil, this was ok at first but when the coil heated up it started to fail. So it was a call to Halfords who had one in stock job done Colin was back on the Road.

The day was hot and oppressive and to be honest it was not a very interesting drive A46, A6097, A614,  the only problem I had was finding a petrol station I had filled up in Stroud last night and had done another 30 miles than the others so was getting low, I eventually found on at Carlton on the A1041 just north of the M62. it was then onto the A19 to York.

We found the Hotel and booked and got good news that Colin and Richard were on their way. The Hotel was the Ascot House East Parade York and Colin and I had a garret in the roof that also doubled as a fire escape route with a break glass on the outside of the door and another leading via a spiral staircase down into Richard and Marks room below. Our room a designed for a pair of small hunch backs you could not stand upright anywhere in the bathroom and getting into and out of the 3/4 size bath was almost impossible as as your head almost touched the sloping roof when sat in the bath.

We had arranged to meet the Impers from York at the Windmill Pub so off we set and we met Colin Valentine and Malcolm Cross plus other for a very enjoyable evening, Richard arrived in York but didn't join us a s the Windmill stopped serving food at 9.00.

We returned back to the hotel and Colin arrived a long 3 hour but trouble free drive later. All he had to do now was negotiate the bath .... half out slipped back in and caused a Tsunami.