This Page is devoted to the Lands End to John O'Groats run in aid of the South West Children's Hospice Big Babes Appeal.

Day 4 Wednesday 26th July 2006 York to Perth 266 miles

Starting Mileage 47,460.8


Despite the confines of the Garret we slept well and out as usual to check the car over, oops there was a small covering of mayo on the underside of the radiator cap, not a lot but a cause for concern, decided to go a bit gently if the head gasket was starting to suffer. Bob was up early and created a prop to hold up the bed of his pick up to create a greater air flow through the engine.
The edge had gone of the temperature a bit and we started of heading up the A19 to Thirsk and Northalerton then the A67 to Pierce bridge  and then the B6275 to get on to the A68. This road is definitely one of the great Imp driving roads, absolutely fantastic views great bends and some incredible switchbacks. We were bowling along with a giant smile on my face and then in my rear view mirror there was another IMP, were we starting a convoy ? It was a light blue Imp tagging along we dropped down for our lunch stop at Corbridge and as we turned of to go into the town he carried on. Got to on the way up to IMP06 we thought. (3 days later I did manage to track him down on the camping field buy sorry I forgot your name). We parked up in the FREE car park and there was a steady stream of people coming up " I used to have one of those, ...I learnt to drive  etc etc"
Back out and back on the A68 through the Kielder forest to Byrness this was another nostalgic bit for me as the last time I had been along here was 30 years ago then owning my second Imp sunflower yellow but then I was actually walking the Penine Way. Then is was the long, long, pull up Cheviots to the border crossing with Scotland. We all really went well up the hill and I gave up worrying about the head gasket and just enjoyed it. There were spectacular views at the top but we pushed on and a long downhill run towards Jedburgh gave the engine temperature a rest.



We pulled into the car park and posed for the team picture, and to stretch our legs all feeling very proud of ourselves then we were brought back to reality, how ? 2 Austin 7s pulled into the car park they were on their way to Perth for their rally and had stared from Portsmouth the day before !!!!  Colin was well impressed particularly when he found out they had engines in the front how quaint ;-)  Seriously nice chaps we had a good chat then it was time for all of us to be on our way.


A68 to Jedburgh; A68 to Dalkeith

A68 to A720,A720 to A8, A8 to 902 ,902 to A90

A90 across forth road bridge; A90 to junction 1 M90

M90 to junction 2 to pick up A823

A823 to A91, Continue on to A823; A823 to A9 (signposted Perth)

At Broxden roundabout take the 1st exit onto the A9 (signposted Iverness, Crainlarich)

Branch off left (signposted Perth) then at roundabout take the 3rd exit onto Crieff Road

A85 (signposted Perth City Centre)

At mini-roundabout continue forward on the A85

At next roundabout take the 2nd exit onto Dunkeld Road-A85 (signposted City Centre)

Number 24 (   Bed/Breakfast  at the Gables Guest House )