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Pembrey Weekend

Friday 27th to Sunday 29th May 2011.

A fantastic weekend at Pembrey Country Park organised by Aled. The park consists of some 5.2 square kilometres of land, there are seven miles of sandy beach with views of the north of the Gower Peninsula. The inland areas of the park contain a number of visitor attractions, ski slope, tobogan run. The park served as a railway and an airport during World War II, and bunkers and pill boxes still remain today on view.

7 Imps attended

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Hillman Imps at Pembrey Country Park our camp

Aled working on Colins Green Goblin

The smile says it all ..... its fixed!



Now heres something differant looking at the front of an Imp????

Impers on the model train at Pembry Country Park


Imps Parked up for the Tobogan Run



Imps at Bronwydd Arms Station

Mind that train

Ready for Home

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