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25th -30th May 2016 Based at De Oude Molen (The Old Windmill) site in Groesbeek

Friday 27th. A run around Nijmegen and into Germany. Find that the Nijmegen area has hills – some of them quite steep. Didn’t expect hills in Holland but since the area around Nijmegen is called ‘7 Hills’ .

Saturday 28th. Run to Arcen for a visit to the brewery and/or the castle gardens.

Sunday 29th. Run to the DAF museum in Eindhoven


Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see most of the Hillman Imps that attended; or click here




Impers assembling at Mayflower Pub ready for ferry

Rally Control

Our Accomodation

Run around Nijmegen 7 Hills and into Germany 


Waiting for ferry on return to site

Evening Meal

Run to Arcen for a visit to the brewery




Waiting for the Ferry

Visit to the DAF Museum 

Parking for DAF Museum

Inside the DAF Museum


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