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These are my Imps.

Andy these are my Imps (Click on each picture for details and photo history.)

Hillman Imp Deluxe


Commer Van


Sunbeam Stiletto


Singer Chamois


The main question everyone asks is why a Hillman Imp well I have no good reason except that my first 2 cars were imps and you always have a soft spot for the your first car.

Does anyone know what happened to the others ?

MDA 352E   Dark Green mk1  

JRW 130N   Sunflower Yellow Super Imp

If you do please Email me on 

Don't know why but my Imp the red 1969 delux is called Brian and Gails 1965 green Commer Imp Van is Geraldine just click on to the links above to see the pictorial history.

Stevie Sunbeam Stiletto is the new member of the family not currently a runner but the first Imp my daughter has ever wanted to have.

Donna is just that came as a rolling shell but has donated many parts mostly to Brian, passenger quarter light, bonnet, engine cover, lights etc.

I never was a great mechanic it was just doing what what was needed but I still found it amazing how much I have forgotten.

The fun here is driving not maintaining, that is just a necessary evil.

Andy Smith


Here is a picture of my pit crew. Yes I know